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Pediatric Residency


Pediatric Residency

Pediatrics and the Professionals Who Practice It
By []A Aaronson

The field of medicine called pediatrics is one that handles the medical aspect and care of children from birth to the stage of adolescence. The medical professional usually deals with the maintenance of a healthy child as well as those who may have illnesses or diseases which need medical attention.

Degree and Training

Those who enter pediatrics start off with the basic degree from medical school. They usually train in the Pediatric Residency for at least three years before they go into more specific types of medicine for children. These sub types usually takes more years to train in.

Role of Pediatricians

Pediatricians conduct routine physical exams, health screenings, immunizations, treatment and management of chronic diseases, treatment and management of disabilities and dealing with common childhood ailments and diseases. They mainly maintain the health of children immediately after birth up to a certain age. The range should be from birth to eighteen years of age but can extend up to twenty one years. Some parents, though, send their children to adult care physicians when they hit the age of sixteen or eighteen. Pediatricians who specialize are often recommended by those in the general field whose patients may need specialized care and attention.

Pediatrics is not solely focused on the diseases and ailments that hound children. Although the physical well- being of the child is foremost, the mental health is also a focus for pediatricians who specialize in this. Depression, anxiety disorders, developmental disorders and behavioral issues are also the target of these medical professionals. The child as a whole is the focus of the doctor and in some cases of mental and behavioral health; the parents and other family members may be included. It is not unusual that other family members are treated by the pediatrician in connection to treating the child in question. This not only applies to behavioral and mental issues but may also ring true for physical disorders, sicknesses and ailments. Even contracting parasites may need the full cooperation of the entire family.

In cases, where the condition of the child is not covered by any specific field of pediatrics, the intervention of a specialist from the adult field may be necessary. Parents are usually encouraged to participate in the quest for the well- being of the child. It is important that they collaborate with each other for the welfare of the child. Parents are advised to consult their pediatrician when their child may have long standing sicknesses or symptoms which cannot be resolved easily.

A career in pediatrics can be a rewarding career for the right person who has a passion for children and medicine.For more information, visit []