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Pharmaceutical Companies Sponsor A Lot Of Physician's Residency Programs

Best Internal Medicine Residency Programs If you sit long enough in your doctor's waiting room, you'll see them. They come in impeccably dressed and the telltale sign is that they always have one of those briefcases on wheels trailing behind them. They usually go right into the doctor's office without an appointment. They are important people. It doesn't matter if the patients have to wait a little bit longer, they always are seen first.

I'm talking about the drug company representatives. They not only bring drug samples to the doctor, but also things like coupons for free food, (I used to manage a restaurant and getting a pharmacy reps business was like gold. Doctors seem to really like free food.), and trips for "seminars" that are held in places like fancy resorts in the Bahamas.

The drug companies are with the doctors since medical school. They sponsor a lot of the programs for medical students and probably contribute money to the universities to build fancy additions to their medical schools. But the relationship is not all bad, a lot of patients rely on the free samples that the doctors give out to get their medications. I know of one diabetic who gets her very expensive insulin, (about $95 a bottle), from her doctor for free every month. If your doctor prescribes a new medication, be sure to ask him if he has any free samples. It can save you a lot of money.

The pharmaceutical companies work hard to establish a relationship as soon as the doctors take up residency. According to CNN, "More than half of America's medical residency programs to train doctors in internal medicine accepted financial support from the drug industry, even though three-fourths of the programs' directors said accepting the aid was "not desirable, " a survey found.

At issue are potential conflicts of interest as the residency programs accept drug company support to help train tens of thousands of new doctors at a point in their careers when they are beginning to prescribe drugs, according to the survey report." Meals and other gratuities are often provided by the companies as well.

Is it a good idea that doctors are in the pockets of these pharmaceutical companies at such an earl stage of their careers?


By Walt Crocker - Walt grew up in Lafayette Square, near downtown St. Louis. He is now semi-retired after years in the restaurant and entertainment industry. His poetry has appeared in two published works: Stepping Stones and...