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Family Medicine Residency


Family Medicine Residency

Family practice medicine often gets a less than glamorous portrayal in the media. Shows on television centering on doctors are often focused on the perceived dramas of trauma physicians, emergency room technicians, and the lives of medical examiners. Those who are involved in family practice medicine seem to avoid the media’s flair for a dramatic portrayal. Those considering entering a residency program, however, may want to consider a career in this wide-open field.

Family practice medicine is in a state of turmoil. In recent years, numbers of medical students entering residency programs has dropped dramatically. The greatest of this plummet has occurred in the area of the Family Medicine Residency program. As a result, a crisis is looming of which those in the baby boom generation are greatly concerned. The family practitioner they so essentially rely on may not be there for them in the future. For this reason, those looking to select a medical career should consider a family medicine practice residency program. Family practice medicine is an area poised for ripe employment opportunities in the very near future.

Knowing what you want to do with your future career may be the easiest decision you have to make. The next step is choosing where to complete that Family Medicine Residency program. A huge investment in the future, this decision could become overwhelming. It is important to remember, however, that when choosing a Family Medicine Residency program there are a great wealth of resources available.

Just as with emergency medicine residency programs and internal medicine residency programs, several resources exist to help in the pursuit of beginning a family medicine residency program. The Freida Residency Search and findaresident, both located on, are a great help in those looking to pursue a family medicine residency. Providing a step to step guide on how to pursue a career in family medicine practice these resources can provide you with the information required

Finding what school to attend for your family practice residency program can also be extremely difficult. The American Academy for Family Physicians is a great resource to locate where the best family medicine residency program currently is. By physicians, such knowledge can be invaluable in pursuing your family medicine practice career.

With all of the frightening changes in the medical world, the void for family medicine practice physicians is desperately in need of fulfillment. Beyond the humane interest, those looking into the area of family practice medicine should know that the words can be both karmic and economic. If looking for a career that will be both rewarding and financial lucrative, the family practice medicine field may be the best path to pursue.